Fireside Bandit

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Our beard balm protects your beard from the elements while providing long lasting hold for even the most unruly beards. Available in multiple scents or unscented. All handmade in Canada in small batches from all natural ingredients to get the best consistency and quality available. 1oz container

We at Woolly Wizard Beard co pride ourselves on using top quality ingredients and making products that smell great and make you look even better.

Scent Profiles

Twister: A tornado has ravaged through the coast and made it's way inland ripping through a field of yuzu, ripping up everything in it's path. This scent is a mixture of Sparkling Yuzu, Fresh cut grass, garden dirt and beach wood vetiver.  - For anyone who loves citrus and earthy scents this is the perfect blend.

Fireside Bandit: The bandit is active at night, sitting around the campfire smoking his pipe and planning the next heist. Peach, campfire, tobacco and oud wood - Sweet and bold

Druids Grove: Druids are mysterious creatures. Shapeshifting to become the animal of their choosing. Druids grove is a blend of sweet bergamot, vanilla, cedar and musk - a true woodland lovers beard oil.

Bard's Tale: The Bard travels town to town telling story's of grand adventure and mystery. Tobacco, vanilla, huckleberry and spice

Cherry Koolaid: Inspired by one of our ambassadors Chris Cherry (Koolaid).

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Ingredients: Shea butter, beeswax, jojoba oil, argan oil, coconut oil and essential / fragrance oils